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Ice Cold….

As a Mobile DJ & Music Lover , I constantly come across a lot of Music. Some good , some bad , some mediocre. I listened recently to a song entitled “Ice Cold”. A friend of mine recommended the song. Instantly as I began to explore the track , in my mind a smooth but chill vibe occurred.

The song starts off with a conversation (reminding me of a 90’s vibe) , then the instruments kick in …… transitioning into the structure of the song.

I like the way “Ice Cold” plays out like a 90’s but 00’s R&b, Neo-Soul – Fusion of Sounds blended with smoothed out, chill vocals. After researching the artist by the way , who is named Erick Grey ….this song was Written, recorded, performed, produced and mixed by Erick himself ! He even plays all the instruments on the song.

“Interesting” – (side note) you don’t find that today in most Artist or Music…..

“Ice Cold” – according to Erick is a Love Story how he met his lovely wife and how he felt when he first laid eyes on her.

I would definitely recommend this song and Artist. I would give “Ice Cold” a (4 out of 5 stars)

Hope you liked my Review, stay tuned for more reviews on Music & technology!

– Brian

Here is some info about the Artist:

Artist: Erick Grey


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