Ice Cold….

As a Mobile DJ & Music Lover , I constantly come across a lot of Music. Some good , some bad , some mediocre. I listened recently to a song entitled "Ice Cold". A friend of mine recommended the song. Instantly as I began to explore the track , in my mind a smooth but... Continue Reading →

And that Moment…..

There was once a quote that said, "Love is not about how many days, weeks, months you've been together, it's about how much you love each other every day" When I first laid eyes on her , I instantly fell in Love........ I told my parents, after seeing her at an outing , I would... Continue Reading →

And the Beat goes on…

When I was 12 , My older brother, who plays several types of Musical instruments from Bass guitars, lead guitars, acoustic guitars , keyboards , pianos , drums ....... and even voice-boxes that (alter your voice) while singing, told me and my younger brother that he was going to form a band amongst us 3.... Continue Reading →

How to become a Mobile DJ …….

      Growing up in a musical family, my mother often sung around the house, my Dad would play the piano/keyboard almost every night. My older brother once, when he was younger(met the singer Prince). They had a discussion on Music and not only about listening to Music, but knowing How to play each... Continue Reading →

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