And that Moment…..

There was once a quote that said,

“Love is not about how many days, weeks, months you’ve been together, it’s about how much you love each other every day”

When I first laid eyes on her , I instantly fell in Love…….. I told my parents, after seeing her at an outing , I would marry her one day………

Years later , she would become my wife,

Yes , she is the Love of my Life

Sitting here makes me think of our many moments together…

Many they are , but one in particular….

One year we traveled to Miami, Florida

Once there one evening, we watched the golden sunset dip over the horizon of the Atlantic Ocean ….

We had NEVER seen such a beautiful sunset before !

The sky was dyed pomegranate pink, and shades of orange and reds….

Never before had we realized how thin clouds could be…… hovering over the atmosphere as far as the eyes could see,

As the sun moved downward towards its bliss welcoming dawn,

We could feel the coolness of South Florida’s blissful breeze……………………..

I Always think back to how beautiful she looked that day ,

Yes, her eyes staring into mine, her beautiful smile and hair blowing in the wind……….

A man like me couldn’t help but be weak….

Yes, she is the Love of my Life……

I have written this blog to say….

Appreciate each moment you share with someone special ,

Take full advantage of every experience you encounter with them…..

and Always reflect on the Moments you share…..

– Brian

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